Step 1: Book1: Self Help by Samuel Smiles  塞缪尔·斯迈尔斯《自助》
  Back inVictorian England, in a land before life coaches, the aptly-namedSamuel Smiles wrote the first self-help book. Smiles told hisreaders that there's no quick fix, and the harder you worked, thehappier you would be。
  Step 2: Book2: How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie戴尔卡耐基《如何赢得朋友并影响他人》
  Fast forwardto 1936. Struggling actor Dale Carnegie writes an optimistic tomethat catapults him to fame. He wrote that power and happiness wouldincrease if you tried to see the world as others see it, rememberpeople's names, and develop a firm handshake。
  Step 3: Book3: The Power Of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale皮尔《正面思考的力量》
  In the1950s, minister Norman Vincent Peale brought God into the equationwith his message that faith is the key to achieving anything. Hismessage? Pray, visualize solutions, and eliminate self doubt。
  Step 4: Book4: I'm OK- You're OK by Thomas Harris 托马斯哈里斯《我好!你好!》
  Written by apsychiatrist, this book tells us that inside, we each contain achild, an adult, and a parent. Our interaction with others will bebest if both people use their inner adults。
  Step 5: Book5: Who Moved My Cheese? by Dr. Spencer Johnson斯宾塞约翰逊《谁动了我的奶酪》
  The messageof this book is that change is inevitable. The sooner you let go ofthe old and embrace the new, the happier you'll be。
  Step 6: Book6: Chicken Soup For The Soul by Jack Canfield and Mark VictorHansen 杰克坎菲尔和马克维克多汉森《心灵鸡汤》
  This bookconsists of heartwarming parables, reflecting the idea that goodtriumphs over ill, and truth is as cute as a kitten sliding down arainbow。
  Step 7: Book7: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne 朗达拜恩 《秘密》
  This is thehandbook of "The Law Of Attraction:" the idea that you can thinkthe things you want into existence. Here's a taste: "You are themaster of the Universe. You are the heir to the kingdom. You arethe perfection of Life."
  Are yousensing a theme? Most of these books essentially tell you to thinkpositive and visualize what you want. Maybe one of them willinspire you, and that's great. If not, know that quick fixes aren'tusually the ones that last. Good luck。

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